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Default Re: Michael Bay out of the way!

Originally Posted by Batx69 View Post
Bay made an hour long battle sceen look borring and uncomprehencable. People seem to say that bay can direct action, no no he cant. 50 explosion and super close ups to the robots scrotem does not a good action sceen make.
reading your sig, I must say I can see where your coming form...

people seem to say bay can direct action because when he does it well, he does it better then anyone, what you just described, even though I'm personally not familiar exactly which scene/set piece your referring, wasn't his best

whereas in this very movie he has plenty of wonderful pieces

did you know that bay has used a different cinematographer for each film since pearl harbour....
the guy form TF1 can't remember his name apparently isn't as good as the guy from TF2.

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