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Default Re: Michael Bay out of the way!

Originally Posted by AnorexicBatman View Post
I don't understand how people can ignore an extensive comic series attached to toy lines.

I don't understand why a pirate theme park can have an acclaimed franchise but a comic book series/pop culture icon is expected to be a series of fart jokes and poor storytelling.
I dont understand why a movie can't be entertaining, action packed, and have purpose. I mean that seems to be everyone's scapegoat excuse for the abomination that was Transformers 2. "it's not some drama piece". No ****. All I ask for is give me a reason to care. What kind of defense is it to say the movie is for entertainment? So what movies that dont contradict themselves, and make logical sense aren't entertaining? Can anyone say they enjoy movies less when they offer great action, entertainment, and have you connecting to the movie? Why settle for less? That's what I dont understand.

I dont understand how people can blast one movie with Grand Canyon sized plot holes and defend another one with equal sized and similar plot holes.

I dont understand why how it could possibly be a positive statement to say "The movie is good if you turn your brain off".

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