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Default Re: "Cowards DO survive!" The Starscream thread.

Originally Posted by protocida View Post
I also love Starscream, but I tough he got A LOT weaker in TF:RotF. In the 1° movie, he was badass. Easily defeated Ratchet and Ironhide, destroyed the whole jet squadron and his relationship with Megatron was perfectly condensed in one line.

In the 2° movie, his treachrous aspect was almost completelly left out, and he actually seems loyal to Megatron. He got a little weaker too.
I agree with this. In the first movie Ironhide shouts "its starscream" and i felt that the autobots thought that he was a big threat and he was because he owned them.

I agree with you that he was nerfed in ROTF. Though with his awkward body, he didnt stand much of a chance against Prime.
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
By the way in the PC game of the first movie he had two large blades coming out of his forearm that he would employ when in melee combat. They were somewhat like wolverine's only bigger and coming from the lower end of the forearm. He didnt use them in the forest though did he?
Furthermore, as you point out, he wasnt really treacherous in ROTF. I got the feeling that he was so scared of Megatron that he was barely breathing at his presence. I liked him more in G1 were he was a great fighter (though a coward when things didnt go his way) who would often get in Megatron's face until Megatron decided he had had enough of him.

Now, i dont know how powerful Ironhide is supposed to be (Ratchet cant be so powerful, he is a medic) but with those cannons, those barrelrolls and that voice, he gets off as a veteran, second only to Prime. So when SS beat him and Ratchet, that was special!

The decepticons just werent that big a threat this time.

PS: SS getting beaten with his own hand TWICE (first prime, then meg) was hilarious!

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