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Default Re: "Only a Prime can defeat me" The Fallen Thread!

Originally Posted by Nathan View Post
No matter who the person is, I could never believe Megatron willingly following anyone. We're talking about Megatron here, the guy who didn't even want to obey a planet sized world eater. He only did it because he would've died otherwise, but he was still looking for a way to get free.
With The Fallen being the first Decepticon, this would go some way to explaining why Megatron obeyed him, but anyway, I'm sure Megatron would have betrayed him given the chance, but he never really got the oppurtunity to.

Originally Posted by Nathan View Post
And the Fallen in the Movie was a wuss. He chilled on the spaceship and got his ass kicked in less than a minute.
He was up against a pissed off/combined Prime and IMO wasnt at full strength. He was obviously seriously deprived of energon in the movie, hence the need for the sun harvester.

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