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Default Re: Thor: The Animated Series

I think they're two separate things. There's a direct-to-DVD movie about Thor's youth based loosely on the Son of Asgard comic series and also, I believe, called Thor: Son of Asgard. Then there's an animated TV series that's being created to complement the live-action movie. At least, I think they're separate because the piece of art we've seen from the Thor TV series looks nothing like the Son of Asgard art in the preview that was on the Hulk vs. DVD.

Anyway, thanks for posting those pics. It looks like they used the same designer they got for Spectacular Spider-Man. The only problem with them I have is that Loki's design lacks his signature color scheme.

I'm glad Thor's getting attention, but at the same time, I'm not really looking forward to Son of Asgard too much because it's by the same team who did Hulk vs., who've shown that they don't really know how to handle Thor.

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