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Default Re: The New Ultimate DC RPG: Sign-Up/OOC Thread

Screen name: Red_Robin77

Character you wish to portray:
The Question/Detective Vic Sage (Dark Blue Book Antiqua for Vic and Bold Dark Blue Book Antiqua for The Question)

Hero, villain, or walking the line?:

Powers and physical attributes:
No powers, but is a fantastic detective and knows various martial arts.

Origin and backstory (as you see it):
A cop that's been through the rough patch for his job. He signed up to the GCPD to do the proper thing, only to walk in on corruption after corruption after corruption. He got married to a beautiful woman, but she didn't realise he was married to the job beforehand. She divorced him when he got in so deep that she only saw him at breakfast as a hopeless slump of a man. He'd made himself invest so hard in the job because he had to pick up all the slack from the corrupt cops. He knew there were good men in the force, but there were so little of them compared to the many corrupt that he couldn't stand it. He knew he had to go beyond the law. He found himself with a murder case, which couldn't be solved by any lawful means. When he dragged in the suspects their allies in the force dragged them right back out. He waited till dark, using a balaclava to hide himself, and broke into the suspect's house and beat the answers out of him. The suspect handed himself in the next day. Sage had beaten corruption, and took it upon himself to continue the mission, to win every case, lawful or not. The next day he broke into Star Labs, hoping to find something to aide his crusade. Inside, he found a prosthetic skin, that could bind to your face with the addition of a gas. He stole as much as the gas as possible and took the prosthetic, making himself a new identity. He was The Question.

The burning question - Why this character?:
The Question is an awesome character who is very underestimated. He's quite a different character to what I've played before. I really want to see if I can make this Question different to the other interpretations.

How will this version of your character differ from others? How will it be Ultimate?: This Sage is gruff and grasping at straws now, having lost a wife and surrounded in corruption, plus wanting to do anything to make it all better, even going as far to kill.

What do you believe you can bring to the RPG?:
I can bring well-planned storylines that you'll all hopefully enjoy. With these storylines, I'll bring with it an all-new kind of detective.

Provide a sample post as the character you wish to portray, in three paragraphs or more:

The idiot thinks he's won. I sit in his moldy armchair, taking a sip of my coffee on the table. I hear the footsteps and smile behind my mask. The door is smashed in and the killer huffs and puffs his way into his living room, gun in hand. I don't bother turning to him.

"You're late. 4.5 minutes to be exact. Coffee?"
I offer, throwing the scalding coffee into his face.

He stumbles back in pain, crying out as he holds his face. I pull myself out of the chair and knee him in the crotch viciously before throwing him aside into the wall. I stroll over to him, hands in pocket and bend down.

"So. You killed him."

"I DIDN'T KILL HIM YOU NUT!" he yells back into my face.

"The bullet that was fired matches with your gun other than. Coincidence?"

"Know how many guns of this type they sell?"

"You're the brother who wants the money, with the exact kind of gun. You read your brother's will, now you want the money. Simple."

"You don't know anything!"

"I know physics."

I grab him and pull him along the ground before chucking him through the window, before catching him as he began to flop down. I had him by the scruff of the kneck hanging out of the window and I start to swing him back and forth.

"There's no point hiding it..."

"FINE! YOU WANNA KNOW WHAT I DID? I SHOT HIM DEAD! DEAD!" he screams at the top of his voice.

"Good enough for me."

I swing him onto the ledge next to the window and let go, turning to the phone. I dial 911 and put my hand out the window, handing it to him.

"Tell them what you did. If you don't, I'll come back."

I pull a card out of my pocket and drop it on the floor, walking off towards the door, proud.


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