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Default Re: The New Ultimate DC RPG: Sign-Up/OOC Thread

Character Application

.Screen name: Byrd Man

.Character you wish to portray: Slade Wilson/Deathstroke The Terminator/Ravager

.Hero, villain, or walking the line?: Hero/Villian/Walking The Line

.Powers and physical attributes: Slade has all the abilities of a man in peak physical condition. As Deathstroke, he has all these along with a brilliant strategical mind. As Ravager, he has the abilites with the mental capacity of a 16 year old girl, proned to mood swings and such.

.Origin and backstory (as you see it):

Born to an alcholic mother and a father with a long history of mental illness, Slade Wilson was a trouble maker has a child with a reputation as a liar. Often as a boy, he claimed to have no knowledge of these wicked deeds and was often beaten by his parents even as he claimed he was innocent.

Dropping out of high school, Slade enlisted in the US Army where he excelled, making it all the way to Major in just a few years.

In the late 90's, he was court-marshalled after he was accused of rape by a female soldier. Claming to have no knowledge of the incident, Wilson's lawyers had him take a psychiatric evaluation where the results came back that Slade had a mental illness. Multiple Personality Disorder, his alter-ego had raped the girl.

Due to this, Wilson did not recieve any jail time for the crime, but was dishonorably discharged from the army.

No in 2009, Slade works as a member of a security company. He takes medicine to control his disorder, or so he thinks. Unknown to Slade, his alter-ego moonlights as an assassin. Deathstroke The Terminator. A third personality has also developed. Rose Wilson, a 16-year old girl that represents Slade's feminine side.

.The burning question - Why this character?: I like Slade as Deathstroke, and this version gives me a chance to have some fun with the character.

.How will this version of your character differ from others? How will it be Ultimate?: Read the app. He's ****ing nuts, dude!

.What do you believe you can bring to the RPG?: Decent RPer, and a crazy ass assassin.

.Provide a sample post as the character you wish to portray, in three paragraphs or more:

Kabul, Afghanistan

I stifle a yawn as I sit in the back of the classroom. I'm getting paid close to 50 grand to babysit this American professor as he lectures about the injustices of the Taliban.

"How was my speech, Mr. Wilson?" He asks as we leave the lecture hall.

"Sounded just as good as it did in Baghdad, sir."

"Wonderful. Take me to the hotel."

After driving him to the hotel, I go to my room, take two of my pills and quietly go to sleep.

A small smile spreads across my face as my eyes snap open.

Dumbass Wilson thinks he took his pills. He doesn't know that I replaced them with sugar pills. Guess he'll find out soon enough.

Quietly sliding out of bed, I tip toe out of my room with a small case. The professor gave Slade a copy of his card key in case anything happened.

I gently open the door and hear him snoring.

Closing the door behind me, I open my case and grab the syringe and poison. It's quiet, descreet, and hardens the arteries within hours. It will look like the guy died in his sleep. As much as I can't stand Slade, I still need his job to get to these people.

I stick the syringe in the target's neck and squeeze all the poison out.

Slade gets paid 50k for watching this guy, I get paid 100k for killing him. Not a bad day's pay if I do say so myself.

Best part about it is I can buy shoes!

I quickly look around the room. Where the hell did that come from?

I shake it off as I grab my cellphone and dial the number.

"Deathstroke here. It's taken care of." I hang up and sneek back to Wilson's room.

With any luck, Slade will discover him dead before breakfast.


After that creepy man falls asleep, I wake up and slide out of bed.

"Oh my god, I look so terrible."I say as I look into the mirror.

I take off these stupid pajamas and slip into my clubbing gear. My hot pink miniskirt, lime green tank top and ugg boots. I slap on some lipstick as I blow a kiss to myself in the mirror.

"It's illegal to look this good!" I say as I leave the room and head out to hit the town.

.Do you know how to post pictures on the Hype?:

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