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Default Re: The New Ultimate DC RPG: Sign-Up/OOC Thread

.Screen name: Syn (Mercenary)

.Character you wish to portray: Jason Peter Todd, aka Red Hood.

.Hero, villain, or walking the line?: Hero

.Powers and physical attributes: Jason is a skilled boxer and fighter, having been trained by his dad to become a world class fighter since he was young. Jason is also skilled with many different weapons and is a very accurate shot. He also has some detective skills and an uncanny ability to “read” people.

.Origin and back-story (as you see it):
Jason was born to Edward and Martha Todd in Gotham City. Edward, one of Gotham’s best fighters, always had the vision of his son taking up the ‘family business’ when he was forced to retire. He trained his son from a very early age to fight, the best ways to read an opponent and to push one’s self beyond their own physical limitations. Jason’s mother, however, always saw her son as a genius; a boy filled with intelligence and empathy. She never liked her husband’s love of fighting and always tried to let Jason’s psychological side grow, teaching him the importance of the mind in addition to the body.
Unfortunately, during a boxing match when Jason was sixteen, Edward was beaten severely in a match against a young and rising competitor. Days later, Edward died from an aneurism he received from the fight. Jason was devastated, the sight of his father’s defeat burned into his mind forever. That day he learned that no man is invincible, and life is not always fair.
Despite his mother’s wishes, Jason continued to train – his way of paying respects to his father, and carrying on the dream. Though Jason lived and breathed to fight, he did value his mother’s opinion and became highly interested in the field of psychology. He studied it in high school and followed it through college. At Gotham State University, Jason’s courses focused mainly on the fields of psychology and criminology, having developed an interest in the field of law enforcement. He studied hard, using what money his mother and he had to pay his way through college.

As fate’s cruel ways would have it, his mother was killed one day in a robbery. The thug was apprehended days later and put on trial. The robber’s attorney convinced him to plea insanity, and he was put in Arkham Asylum as opposed to being given life in prison. Jason’s hatred toward crime grew, and his understanding of life’s unfair ways became much broader. Luckily, his mother’s life insurance policy was a substantial sum of money. He knew that his mother’s dying wish would be to use that money for his education, and expand his mind even further.
Jason’s grades and funds allowed him to transfer to Ivy Tech, a prestigious school in Gotham. There he finished his degrees and majored in Criminal Psychology and Forensic Sciences. At the school, he made friends with a young up and coming socialite – Bruce Wayne. Wayne and Todd became good friends for a time, both sharing the loss of loved ones.

After graduating from the school, Todd received a job working as an intern at Arkham. He became the liaison between Arkham and the Gotham Police Department. At Arkham, he did his best to study the inmates, and gain an understanding of their motivations. But the more Todd learned, the more compelled he became to catch the psychotics. As time passed, Arkham became more and more like a revolving door, releasing the “rehabilited” murderers and thieves into the public, only to have them revert to their immoral and violent tendencies and be brought back for further rehabilitation. Todd became convicted, feeling compelled to go out on the street and catch these criminals, hoping to prevent another incident like with what had happened to his mother. He donned a mask, a hood, its color the same as the innocent blood both his parents had died in. He became the Red Hood, a vigilante always teetering on the line, breaking the law while working with it.

A year or so after Jason began his mission as the Red Hood, he crossed paths with another of Gotham’s vigilantes – The Batman. The two soon became involved in a fight, each believing the other was in their way. During their battle, they found themselves equally matched – a worthy adversary and rival. Their battle led to the unmasking of both their costumes, and the two men suddenly realized who they were fighting. Bruce Wayne, Jason’s old friend from College, was truly the Batman. The two found, again, another kinship in each other. For a brief time, they tried a partnership, but they soon found each other’s methods and personalities to be too conflicting for a permanent duo. The two kept in touch, but developed more a rivalry, speaking and coming together only occasionally to combat Gotham’s underworld.

Now, Jason continues his mission to clean up Gotham’s streets – putting away the psychotics and locking up the criminals. He hopes to one day end his battle, gaining a sense of accomplishment, and knowing that Gotham can take care of itself without the need for vigilantes.

.The burning question - Why this character?: Jason Todd, Robin II, was irritating and a poor man’s version of Dick. I found his death to be the best story for him at the time. However, recently, since Todd’s resurrection, he’s become an interesting character, one I find fun and exciting to read. Ultimizing this character and making him good from the start intrigues me greatly.

.How will this version of your character differ from others? How will it be Ultimate?: The difference with this Jason Todd is that he
1) Has a back story.
2) Has a reason for wanting to fight crime.

In addition, this Jason will be like Batman’s equal. They will be the same age and share many similarities in their pasts and their personalities. However, where Batman is the stern, serious and planning loner, Jason will be the impulsive, more brutal, smartass who always thinks before he leaps. Batman has always been the world’s greatest detective, but Jason Todd will be the world’s greatest criminal psychologist. Where Batman can solve any mystery, Todd will be able to understand his foes more intimately, empathizing with them to a point where he can predict their next move before they make it.

Because of these reasons, the idea of Batman and Jason having a rivalry sparks many interesting ideas and plotlines, ones I hope to explore and write.

.What do you believe you can bring to the RPG?: Some kickass stories with an enjoyable character that the audience roots for.

.Provide a sample post as the character you wish to portray, in three paragraphs or more:
Cold. The night air blows a familiar breeze, sending light gusts of wind through the alleys and roadways. A lone figure leaps the gaps between the city’s skyline, taking jumps only faith could allow. His feet hit the concrete hard, forcefully compressing the joints in his legs. He shrugs off the pain, ignoring it – barely noticing it anymore. As he moves, he begins descending, jumping farther, longer, and deeper than the jump he took before. In minutes he reaches the balcony of a low level building, hitting the hard concrete with a “thud”.

Slowly, he rises, gaining composure as his heart beats fast. He walks forward, stepping through the open doors and into the bedroom. Outside of the concrete structure, police swarm, putting up yellow tape and blocking off the street. The soft glow of the flashing lights reflect off the figure’s mask, causing the red coloring of his mask to shine brightly.

As he walks about the bedroom, he soon realizes what has happened. Blood adorns the white sheets of the bed, bullet holes carved into the walls. The sheets are slightly torn – a struggle, the killer perhaps not planning on the encounter. Maybe this was a robbery, the figure thinks. Further investigation is required…

As he looks around the room he notices a strange object lying on the ground. He leans down, taking a knee on the smooth blue carpet. He doesn’t touch the object, merely examines it, getting closer and staring intently at its exterior. As he observes, he discovers the object is a scale, dull green coloring, its edge slightly stained by blood. Suddenly, the man pauses, his head moving back. He relaxes his body and straightens his spine, kneeling at a more upright pose. “Talking to Gordon?” He asks, grinning beneath his mask.

“I figured you’d be here, Jason.” A voice says from the shadows.
“You know me, Bruce.” The man says, rising to his feet. “I’m always one step ahead.” Suddenly, a figure emerges from the shadows. As it steps into the faint light, its form is revealed – the Batman. He walks toward the man in the red mask, stepping calmly forward. There is no danger…not from him. “Scale,” the Red Hood speaks, pointing to the object on the floor. “Now who do we know who’s covered in scales…”

“Waylon Jones…” the Batman muses, looking down and briefly examining the object. “Escaped from Blackgate two days ago.”
“I told them he didn’t belong in prison…” he says in a cocky tone, stepping forward and heading for the balcony. “One of the few nut jobs who actually belongs in an asylum.”

“Waylon’s current condition has affected his mind. Caused him to believe he is infact a crocodile, allowing him to justify his actions as simple animal instinct.”

“You read his file,” he says, looking over his shoulder toward the Batman. “I’m impressed.”

The Batman turns slowly and begins walking toward the man, moving with an eerie ease, like an actual shadow - a creature of the night. “I saw the body – what was left of it. My guess is Waylon was hungry.”

“So, he’s out to feed, huh?” The man puts his hand to his chin, beginning to think intently.

“Waylon’s powerful, fast, and versatile. He could cover ground quickly, going places ordinary police wouldn’t be able to follow.”
“Yes, and if he’s out to hunt tonight…then Gotham’s civilians are in grave danger. But…where would he go next?”

“Probably someplace secluded; a hunting ground.”
“And what place is a better hunting ground then Gotham Central Park?” The two men stare at each other in silence, only watching the others movements. Simultaneously, the turn and head out the doorway, stepping out onto the open balcony and into the cool night breeze. “Gotham Park is three square miles long,” the Red Hood says, stepping on the ledge. “It’s a lot of ground to cover.”

“I’ll take the north end.” The Batman says, taking a grappling gun from his belt and aiming it at the side of a building across the street.

“Then I’ve got the south. Be sure to check any pathways lining the river or lake. Guaranteed he’s waiting in the water for the perfect chance to strike.” The two men jump off and into the night, headed off toward the same location to find their suspect. As they move, they both think of the other, trying to predict his movements in additions to their prey.

“Pretty good job, Bruce.” The Red Hood says under his breath as he hits the sidewalk and rolls right into a sprint. “But let’s see who catches the croc first. You…or me?” He smiles wide as he runs, moving quickly as he makes his way down the city streets. “Course, I don’t have all those gadgets like you, so I’m at a disadvantage. Heh. That’s what makes this all the more thrilling.”

.Do you know how to post pictures on the Hype?:

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