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Default Re: Thor: The Animated Series

Originally Posted by Panthro View Post
Yeah, Loki's looking kind of emo there.

They treated Thor even worse in "Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow", where they turned him into a false hero who turned his back on Midgard (Earth to us mortals) and on top of that they turned him into a slacker dead beat dad who basically walked out on his daughter after dropping her in Iron Man's lap, which I have to admit is even more disrespectful to his character than just letting the Hulk rip into him.
I'm glad I never watched Next Avengers. I took a look at one trailer and thought, "This is probably going to suck." I guess I have good instincts.

Regarding Loki: He was a little bit emo growing up. He started out kind of emo because everyone in Asgard looked down on him and loved Thor, which contributed a lot to his eventual turn to full-on evil. So, outside of the lack of green and yellow, the emo-ish design works for me.

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