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Default Re: "Only a Prime can defeat me" The Fallen Thread!

Originally Posted by Mr. Earle View Post
I lol'ed!!!
Ha ha

Originally Posted by Nathan View Post
That's the goddamn problem. Apparently Primes are supposed to be special. The past Primes undoubtedly were, as demonstrated by the Fallen. Now what's special about Optimus? None bothers to explain and he never demonstrates other abilities a Prime would have. All we have is a lazy script that puts Optimus on a pedestal and we're just supposed to go with it.
He is the last descendant of The Prime's, who were the leaders of the original Transformer race, if that doesnt make him special I dont know what does. As it stated in the movie also, only a Prime can wield the power of The Matrix Of Leadership.

Originally Posted by Jager X View Post
The whole plot surrounding the Primes was so damn retarded. If there was any logical thinking approached to this story then we not even have a sequal and that is a problem. Ok, so the only thing that can kill a Prime is another Prime. Now when the Fallen went to war against the other six Primes, they should have easily ripped him limb from limb. Instead of killing the most powerful transformer that will stop at nothing to destroy every planet in the universe, they commit suicide. WHAT. THE. *****?! If the original Primes loved humanity so much then they should not have allowed so much needless suffering in the name of the Fallen, especially when it only takes 15 seconds out of their centuries-long life span to kill him.
Jetfire states in the movie that The Fallen was stronger than the other Prime's, thats why they couldnt kill him, they could only wound him and get the Matrix away from him as quickly as possible and hide it.

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