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Default Re: Thor: The Animated Series

Originally Posted by TheCorpulent1 View Post
I'm glad I never watched Next Avengers. I took a look at one trailer and thought, "This is probably going to suck." I guess I have good instincts.
You didn't miss much. Thor's excuse for abandoning Torunn, so she could learn what it was like to be human, only added insult to injury. A terrible waste of voice actor Michael Adamthwaite, who actually captured what Thor's voice should sound like pretty well for the few minutes of B.S. dialogue he had at the end.

Regarding Loki: He was a little bit emo growing up. He started out kind of emo because everyone in Asgard looked down on him and loved Thor, which contributed a lot to his eventual turn to full-on evil. So, outside of the lack of green and yellow, the emo-ish design works for me.
Hmm, well you do make a good point there.

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