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Default Re: "Only a Prime can defeat me" The Fallen Thread!

Originally Posted by Nathan View Post
Dude, are you just messing with me or what? What abilities does Optimus demonstrate that supposedly make him the only one being able to defeat the Fallen? The only reason Optimus could take on the Fallen, was because Jetfire gave him his powers. Before that, the Fallen had every advantage thanks to his abilities.

Now if Optimus would've actually used the Matrix to defeat the Fallen, we probably wouldn't have this argument. Because only a Prime can use the Matrix, and thats why the Fallen can only be defeated by a Prime.
I'm not messing with you at all, there is obviously something special about Optimus, this was true in the cartoon's as well, people looked upon him with awe, and very rarely was his leadership challenged (Grimlock being a sole exception), its the same in the movies, people regard Optimus with awe and respect, even humans. Its totally possible that is simply the 'good' that Prime's exude that is the downfall of The Fallen, who turned to dark ways.

Originally Posted by The Guard View Post
True, they never do point out what's so special about being a Prime, but I like to think Prime's actions, like in the comics and show, sort of speak for themselves in various areas.

I also can't help but notice, there's a lot of talk about how Prime only beat The Fallen with Jetfire's parts, but after defeating Megatron, Prime pretty much beats The Fallen without using the parts he got from Jetfire other than sort of using it to "super block". He basically just kicks the crap out of him with hand to hand combat. If anything, the parts would hinder that asskicking. I don't think it's implied he was given super strength beyond his usual or anyting like that, just flight, a lot more airspeed, and bigger weapons.
Agreed, The Fallen does start to get hits at this point also, which showed Prime may have made a mistake doing this, but he won out with brute force in the end, as The Fallen's other powers were useless on Optimus.

Originally Posted by Mr. Earle View Post
So the rest of the original primes couldnt kill him but one of their descendants, whose only powers are fists and kicks can? Dayum.... thats ****** storytelling right here!
Not really, people are forgetting an important issue, The Fallen was a BROTHER to all of the other Prime's, its possibly they didnt have the heart to kill him were as really, he was nothing to Optimus, but some distant ancestor who was threatening Prime's new home.

Not to mention, i'm sure the original Prime's were disgusted at bringing war to our world and just wanted to get The Matrix away from The Fallen.

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