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Default Re: The New Ultimate DC RPG: Sign-Up/OOC Thread

Character Application

.Screen name: SenseiofCheese

.Character you wish to portray: Guy Gardner

.Hero, villain, or walking the line?: Walking the Line

.Powers and physical attributes: Guy has no special abilities, but has the physique of a man who engages in frequent and intense exercise. He is a very capable hand-to-hand fighter and is more than able to defend himself.

.Origin and backstory (as you see it): Guy spent the first 14 years of his life living with his single father. Guy's mother left the two when he was only a child, and he barely remembers her. Because of this, Guy and his father shared an unbreakable bond and deeply cared for each other.

However, working for an auto repair shop, his father was having trouble paying the bills. He went to great lengths to provide for his young son, but soon it became too much to handle. To prevent the two from starving, Guy's father took up stealing cars for a local gang lord.

It pained Matthew Gardner a great deal to lie to his son, but he had to. So, Guy believed his father had been promoted. Matthew explained away the frequent late night telephone calls and visits from shady men as business associates, and each night he went out on 'business trips'. One day, when Guy was 13 years old, he decided to follow his father on a late night business trip. What the boy saw shook him to the very core; his father was a criminal.

Matthew broke down in tears, begging for his son's forgiveness. And Guy would grant it on one condition; his father had to give up stealing cars. And on that night, standing in the pouring rain, Matthew promised his son to stay on the clean and narrow.

But Matthew's gang boss did not take kindly to his employee's change of heart. He sent a hit squad to their home. As bullets tore their house apart, Matthew hid his son underneath a couch. Guy Gardner, 14 years old, watched as his father was riddled with bullets.

Left with nothing but an old ring his father gave him and forced out on the streets, Guy turned to the path he himself had made his father promise to stay off. Stealing cars, pickpocketing, or burglary. He did anything he had to to survive. In the 10 years since his father's death, Guy has spent more time on the inside of a jail cell than out.

.The burning question - Why this character?: Honestly? I read EB´s Green Arrow post and I couldn't resist. I read his Guy and I immediately thought "I have to write him.".

.How will this version of your character differ from others? How will it be Ultimate?:
Well, first and foremost, he's not a Green Lantern. Don't plan on him becoming one in the near future, either. He's just Guy Gardner; felon.

.What do you believe you can bring to the RPG?: A dedicated, able writer who wants to have and bring fun.

.Provide a sample post as the character you wish to portray, in three paragraphs or more:

"I don't suppose you fine gentlemen want to talk this out?"
I chuckle and put on my best 'please don't punch me' smile.

The four massive guys strolling towards me, all cracking their knuckles and doing their best impersonations of a dyslexic gorilla, are getting their panties in a bunch. Apparently some cards were played, some allegations were made, some cheating was done, some cigarettes went missing.

"You wanna give us back those smokes the easy way or the hard way, Gardner?" the biggest one growls.

"Tank, buddy, pal." I move in and try to put my hand on his shoulder but I can't reach that high. I settle for fixing the lapels of his shirt and giving him a pat on the chest. "You know I'm like a chimney. But I'm sure we can make a deal of some sort. There's no reason to resort to fisticuffs."

Tank hesitates for a moment, and his eyes scan my entire body. I'm wondering whether or not I'm in 'black eye and a few broken bones' trouble or 'squeal like a pig' trouble. That's when he opens his big, gap toothed mouth with a grin. "How'bout you give me that ring and we're even?"

I back away and let out a heavy sigh. I glance down at my ring and smile. "Fisticuffs it is." I decide and take the first swing.

.Do you know how to post pictures on the Hype?:

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