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Default Re: The New Ultimate DC RPG

"Central City EMS arrived on the scene just as The Flash disappeared. No one was hurt from the collapse of the bridge, and as always, nobody was able to take a picture of Central City's Scarlet Speedster. Reporting for WCCN, I'm Linda Park."

"Did you see that?!" Wally says excitedly as the local news continues on.

"Nobody even saw him, he's that fast!" I smile at my little brother as we sit on the couch watching tv.

"Alright boys." Mom says as she walks in from the kitchen.

"You hungry?"


Dad sits down at the kitchen table just as we start to eat.

"How was work, honey?" He asks Mom as he shovels corn onto his plate.

"It was fine. Robert got some good shots of the bridge collapse."

"He get any of The Flash?"

"Nope. We've outfitted our photographers with cameras that can show a hummingbird's wings, but we can't catch this guy."

"What makes you so sure it's a guy?" Dad says with a smile.

"Ju bink hes an ablien?" I say with a mouthful of mashed potatoes.

"Chew your food."

"I said, do you think he's an alien? I hear that Superman from Metropolis is an alien."

"Don't know what he is, son. At the department, we have one detective working on the case, looking for this guy."

"Why? Is he that much of a threat?"

My dad looks at me with his piercing blue eyes.

"No. But I don't trust him. I know people around here used to love the old Flash, but you don't know where guys like that stand. You want to make a difference in the world? Put on a badge or become a doctor. Anyone who's doing that is just trying to show off."

"Well, if he's a show off, then why doesn't he stick around for the cameras? Why in three years has nobody taken a picture of him?"

"Maybe he has something to hide? I mean, he could be just as bad as that costumed guy and girl he took down last year. Snart and Rory."

Wally starts to shake his head.

"You're wrong, dad! The Flash is the best superhero ever. He's better than Superman or that crazy guy in Gotham!"

"Alright, settle down." Mom says as she takes her fork and pushes another pork chop on my plate.

"Let's not get into a debate at the dinner table."


After dinner and a quick look at my homework, I fire up my laptop and log on to this forum I discovered a few weeks ago. The Superhero Hype Board. Bunch of guys out there dedicated to following the progress of the hero sightings all over America and the world.

My user name is Flash_Fan

"Let's see what we have here." I say as I click a topic.

Thread Title: New Flash Sighting In Central
Thread Starter:
Dark Knight Fan

Dark Knight Fan: Reports say The Flash rescued two dozen citizens on a bridge in Central City. As usual, no photographs could be taken.

Captain Obvious: No ****ing way!

Smokeyy90: Why can't anyone catch this guy? Is he shy? LOLZ!

Ralph D.: I don't know, maybe he actually likes being a hero?

I smile just as an IM pops up on my screen.

Ralph D. What's going on, man?

Flash_Fan Nothing much. How's life in Opal City?

Ralph D. SSDD, lol. Hear about newest Flash sighting?

Flash_Fan Saw it on the news. BTW, I seen an weird ad in the back of an old guns & ammo book today.

Ralph D. ?

Flash_Fan Something called Gingold. Some weird potion they had for sale. Sounded like a trip.

Downstairs, my father's scanner starts going crazy.

All units, respond to 2nd Street and Fox. Signal 13 with possible hostage situation.

I turn back to my computer and type so fast, I have to actually slow myself down as to not burn a hole into my keyboard.

Flash_Fan G2G. Something came up, ttyl!

Before my dad even reaches for his gun and wallet, I'm already out the door with my uniform on, racing towards 2nd Street.

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