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Default Re: The New Ultimate DC RPG


When I return to Maroni's place, I can immediately tell that something's amiss. I drop my bags by the door and venture deeper into the home, searching for some sign of life. The hallways are eerily empty. "Hello?" I call out foolishly. Finally, as I reach Maroni's study, I see frantic activity.

As I enter the study, I see Maroni surrounded by some of his lieutenants. Maroni is tearing through papers on his desk, barking orders at anyone who can hear him. Men are ripping through the bookshelves, seemingly in search of something. My eyes locate Maroni's safe. It's open with its contents spilled out on the floor.

"Sal, what's going on?" I ask, feigning worry. In truth, my curiosity is overtaking me. What could have Maroni so unhinged? He's definitely looking for something - if I could only figure out what...

"Not now, Holly," Maroni growls. He whispers something angrily to Umberto, one of his two sons. Umberto and Pino Maroni are the heirs to Maroni's empire, yet neither of them are nearly qualified for the job. The truth is that Maroni would be doing us a favor by letting his sons run the business.

"But, Sal--"

"NOT! NOW!" Maroni roars. The outburst garners the attention of everyone in the room. Maroni stares bullets at me before returning to his search. When another cursory look brings no result, Maroni throws the phone off his desk. "WHERE IS IT?!" Ebony leaps up onto the desk, provoking Maroni's anger. He pushes the cat off the desk carelessly. "GET THE F*** OUTTA HERE!" he barks at the helpless animal.

I run to Ebony, taking her in my arms. Now, I'm the one staring bullets at Maroni. "Don't treat the cat like that!" I order. On this, I will not compromise. I don't care if it almost blows my cover. I'm not going to sit around and let scum like Maroni treat my babies like that. "What the Hell's a-matter with you?!"

"Holly, sweetie, I'm going to say this nicely one time," Maroni seethes. "Take the f***in' cat, and get the f*** outta here!" Everyone's watching us now. Maroni and I stare at each other for a moment, neither of us wanting to show weakness.

"You know what, Sal?" I begin angrily. "F*** yourself, and f*** Long Island. I'm not going anywhere with you." Ebony looks at Maroni and growls. I can't blame her.

Maroni throws up his arms. "Fine by me! I gotta stay here and fix this f***in' mess, anyway!" And just like that, he goes back to searching the study desperately. Pino, who is in his way, gets shoved out of the way while Maroni looks over the safe once more.

I storm out of the study and into the abandoned hallway. Once I'm sure I'm out of earshot of everyone, I take out my phone. I dial the only number in my contacts, and it goes straight to machine.

"Commissioner? I just thought you should know: there's been a robbery here at Maroni's place." I glance over my shoulder to make sure no one's listening. "Someone took something from the safe, I think, and it has Maroni visibly upset. The weekend trip is off, so it must be important. I'll report to you when I know more." I shut the phone and turn my attention to Ebony.

"It's okay, baby. It's okay."

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