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Default Re: Best Final Battle

Mission City by far. You could at least keep track of what was going on, there was some inconsistent scenes like when Jazz was killed by Megatron did Megatron just hold him the entire time until Prime came? That was a good couple of minutes. Also when Blackout attacks Sam the second time there was no Ironhide or Ratchet present but other than that it was done well.

The desert was a huge WTF is going on thing. Devastator was a complete waste, too little action of the Autobots unless your name was Jetfire, Bumblebee or Optimus Prime. How many constructions are there really? 50 of them? Seriously. Can we get some nice Ironhide action please, look at those guns, let him USE THEM! It was just a huge disappointment like the entire movie.

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