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Default Re: The New Ultimate DC RPG

The Fantastic Four
Part I

Around the Scott household an ethereal figure walked, he ran his gloved hands over on his way to the bedroom. For a moment he stopped in the doorway and looked at the elderly billionaire who lay next to his wife. It had been many years since he had laid his eyes upon Alan Scott; an awestruck look was painted across the intruder’s face. The years had clearly been much kinder to Alan than they had to him. Slowly he made his way towards the elderly man who lay asleep and sat on the end of his bed, his hand hovered slightly above Alan’s face menacingly.

“Share with me your worst nightmare old friend.”

He spoke in a raspy whisper, a voice of a man that had seen much pain over the years, but nonetheless his voice remained strong. From his hand emitted a purple energy which bathed Alan and soon GothamCity’s favourite son began to convulse in his bed, to which the intruder smiled broadly. Into the mind of the trespasser was sent the searing image of Alan’s first born child; his demonic appearance shocked even the man’s black heart, but more shocking was what was to come. The screams of the child as Alan flung him into the inferno, to an early death, and the prevailing silence afterwards caused the man to leap away from Alan’s side and reach for the nearest piece of furniture to keep him upright.

By chance his hand happened upon an old grainy picture. His leather gloves wiped away the dust from the frame to reveal four smiling friends sat around a bar; Ted Grant, Alan Scott and two other familiar figures. The dust told the intruder the picture had not been looked at for a very long time, more than that it told him that Alan Scott had forgotten who he was. Alan Scott had forgotten the people he had discarded along his path to success, but the intruder would make him remember. He placed the picture back upon the fireplace and as he turned round was surprised to see Alan waking from his slumber.

The elderly man rubbed his eyes tiredly and glanced around the room, his eyes stopped on the intruder for a moment and widened; the cloaked figure disappeared into a cloud of smoke, which floated around the room like a spectre.

“Do you remember my voice Alan?”

From within the room the raspy voice spoke once again, it made Scott’s skin crawl, but something about it was familiar. Alan glanced down at his wife to ensure his wife wasn’t harmed before resting his gaze upon his smoke filled bedroom once again, he couldn’t see the intruder but he was aware the man was still present. Suddenly from Alan erupted an emerald inferno, one that could rival the fires of hell itself and Scott was transformed into his youthful self. With a wave of Scott’s hand the clouds of smoke dissipated and in the corner of his room the intruder was revealed; he was clad in an old black trench coat, a tired brown hat and more distinctly golden gloves and a modified gas mask of some sort.

Without warning Alan fired several waves of green flame towards the figure, who dodged it effortlessly and laughed as he looked at Alan; the man’s eyes gazed at Scott as if he was staring into his very soul. Every fist that Alan swung towards the man he seemed to dodge and soon he realised the intruder wasn’t dodging his blows, they were simply going through him. Every attempt that Alan made to harm the man failed miserably, more than anything the wielder of the green flame felt the trench coat wearing man was toying with him.


The raspy voice said with a smile before totally transforming into smoke and seeping out of the window. Alan rushed after it and watched as the wind blew his adversary off into the horizon, slamming his fists upon the window with frustration. From behind him he heard the sounds of his wife stirring, she yawned loudly and Alan quickly dimmed the green flame he emitted and reverted to his elderly self.

“Is something wrong dear?” she said mid-yawn.

“Just a bad dream...”

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