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Default Re: "Only a Prime can defeat me" The Fallen Thread!

Originally Posted by Mr. Earle View Post
They saved our sun but let the fallen free to walk the earth squashing humans with his feet. You guys are defending plot holes the size of Texas...
Well, he would have been injured from the battle, maybe badly, so he may have been in no position to do anything. Not to mention, with the harvester no longer any use to him, why would he stay on Earth?

The movie does have plot-holes, i'm not denying that, never will, i just dont consider this one of them.

Originally Posted by Nathan View Post
You still haven't answered the question. I never questioned his leadership, but why he can defeat the Fallen because he's a Prime. From what we've seen, he doesn't have the abilities of the past Primes. So anyone strong enough could defeat the Fallen.
Read the last sentence of my last post again, I believe i did answer the question. The good that Prime's exude could easily be what makes The Fallen weak/vulnerable to them.

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