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Default Re: "Only a Prime can defeat me" The Fallen Thread!

Originally Posted by AVEITWITHJAMON View Post
Well, he would have been injured from the battle, maybe badly, so he may have been in no position to do anything. Not to mention, with the harvester no longer any use to him, why would he stay on Earth?

The movie does have plot-holes, i'm not denying that, never will, i just dont consider this one of them.
Badly? The transformers dont seem to take long to recover from wounds. Thing is, that the Fallen still hanged around Earth looking for his machine. The whole sublot with the Primes is stupid. Bay could have killed them off in a better way. For example the Fallen could have used the Matrix to defeat them. That would have made more sense.
Originally Posted by protocida View Post
How about this: The Primes imprisioned the Fallen in an dimensional vortex, in which he was captive for years. During the two years Megatron stayed dead, the Fallen choose Starscream to continue his revenge, and Starscream managed to free him and place him in the Nemesis, draining Energon from hatchlings to restore his once legendary power.
Thats way too much plot for one movie. The movie should only have explosions. Get the comics if you want to get the plot.

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