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Default Re: Transformers or Revenge of the Fallen: Which Was Better?

Originally Posted by SpiderByte View Post
I HATE idiots like you. I fyou hated the original, then WHY THE HELL ARE YOU EVEN POSTING HERE?!?!??

I liked ROTF. Much cooler.
How does that make him an idiot? He had his own opinions on the films and he can go whichever board he wants to or he just wants to troll and you fell for it. Here you are the idiot.

Anyway Transformers by a mile, everything about it was better than ROTF. The first film is the Best Picture winner compared to the **** Bay gave us with ROTF.

Don't get me wrong the battles were awesome, CGI was amazing and the score was phenomenal but it was a crappy movie but Bay tried too hard to induce humor when it wasn't needed.

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