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Default Re: "Only a Prime can defeat me" The Fallen Thread!

Originally Posted by AVEITWITHJAMON View Post
Wel, if you dont like it thats your opinion and that is up to you. BTW, I still think Optimus isnt just the same as the other Autobots, I doubt any of the others could take 3 big Decepticons on at the same time and the other Autobots dont exude good and awe to every living creature they come accross. Even the humans were in awe of Optimus Prime, not just the Autobots, IMO its because he oozes awe, good and authority and only a Prime can do that the way he does. Its the same in the cartoon and comics also.
It is not an opinion, but a fact. That is the cheapest excuse I have heard in defense of Optimus. No offense to you or anything, but seriously.Humans and Autobots were in awe? He oozes good and authority? The mofo ain't Jesus. What's next? His 5 ton ass can walk on water? Just because he was given an oppurtunity to show his skills in the forest does not mean the other autobots could not have done the same. This movie failed to give the other Autobot a justifiable amount of time to be hardcore.

Saying that Optimus is more powerful than the others because he is good is akin to people saying "Because God said so!" when they can't give an adequate explaination for something.

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