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Default Re: "Only a Prime can defeat me" The Fallen Thread!

Originally Posted by Mr. Earle View Post
Even if Prime is indeed special, Jesus or whatever
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
(And Bay seemed to treat him this way... we asked for more Prime and he delivered. He practically masturbated with Prime the whole movie. "Prime got beaten in the first? Well fans, here he is beating Megatron AND two of his friends. And look here, Prime climbed on a huge decepticon who conviniently doesnt try to grab him and take him off his back. And you thought that wheel was a big deal...")
i just dont have to like or accept it. It seemed to me that in the first movie Prime was a very good autobot, a very capable one, but nothing more. Because the movie didnt indicate it and because he was on par with Megatron. And then Bay wrecked it all up in his quest to "give the people what they want". And people are happy. "Prime was badass, he kicked ass. He killed tons of robots, he shot one in the face, ripped another one's face in two.... it was sooo cool... and he is a descendant of the primes, a member of the congress and Branjelina's adopted son.... omg!"

Well, Prime cant be Jesus. The franchise wasnt set on this premise. Maybe you can make him a bit special with the matrix as it was in G1, but again that didnt make him god, not even then. Prime is one of the best robot warriors, but there are bigger and more competent robots out there. You mean to tell me that Metroplex isnt more powerful? That Grimlock, Magnus, Megatron, Rodimus (he lacks experience though) arent pretty much at his level? The reason we like Prime has nothing to do with him kicking ass or owning everybody. Batman cant beat the villains Superman can and yet he is loved just as much.

So the bad guys got Devastator and the Fallen, who were both useless anyway, so the good guys became gods? "The autobots dont have a combiner, its ok, give them a magic gun and make them unstoppable"? Devastator should have been brought down by either an autobot army, a magic gizmo (ex. matrix), or another big robot. I suppose Bay brought Devy to raise the stakes but my guess is that he was too costly to star in his own big fight. I cannot explain in any other way why Devy cant kill two of the weakest autobots and then he gets killed by a deus ex machina gun out of ****ing nowhere. And yes i am pissed.

In the end, even though the stakes were raised, the autobots became killing machines and they also got unexplained magic guns out of ****ing nowhere. Gee and i was scared that Devastator would be a threat and was anxious to get into the theatre to see him in action... If only i knew that he was a big vacuum cleaner.

So what i am basically saying is that yes Mr Bay, we wanted more Prime, but not like that. When i am asking for more batman in a Justice League comic book, i dont mean having him beat down Brainiac for ****'s sake!
Indeed. All threats in this movie folded in awe of Optimus.

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