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Default Re: "Only a Prime can defeat me" The Fallen Thread!

Originally Posted by Nathan View Post
Maybe not on par, but Optimus did get some good hits in. Of course it was mostly shown in the background with Blackout slowly approaching. But most didn't notice. Heck, I barely even noticed. They only showed up-close shots when Optimus got man handled, but when Optimus did something it was barely shown.
Exactly. So basically it was a pretty even fight until Megatron won.
Originally Posted by AVEITWITHJAMON View Post
There are reasons Prime could have been defeated in the first, for one Megatron was frozen in the ice for 10000 years so probably had a lot more energy than Prime, who had expended a lot by then.
Thats just assumptions. So why is Prime more powerful now then? Come on, you can freeze the one or the other, you can have them in whatever plot you like, but Megatron will always be equal to Prime, if not superior because of his super-cannon.
Erm, Prime has always been compared to Jesus in the comics and cartoon, he is meant to be a Transformers Jesus basically, have you never seen the painting of the last supper with Prime in place of Jesus in it?
Yes i know, what i meant is that he cant manhandle everyone just because he is. Thats why bigger autobots exist. You cant expect us to buy that Demolishor couldnt just grab him from his back, or that any huge decepticon is a slow moving vacuum cleaner just so that Prime can prevail.
And Rodimus, Grimlock and Ultra Magnus were never on the same power level as Prime, especially Rodimus and Magnus.
HotRod no, but Rodimus probably was. When he got the Matrix he grew bigger in size and the other autobots were able to tell the difference. One time that he lost it, the others knew it was HotRod. So i guess with the Matrix, he becomes Rodimus who is superior to the normal autobots. Also, he could defeat Galvatron who is supposed to be more powerful than Megatron after Unicron reprogrammed him.
Were were these magic guns out of nowere the Autobots got? They had the same guns as the first movie as far as I could see.
No, i wasnt referring to that, i was referring to the gun out of ****ing nowhere that killed Dev. The decepticon we all had high expectations of did barely anything and then got killed by a magic gun that the humans remembered they had. Pffft.....
And it was about time we got to me more of Optimus's ruthless side also, which he does have, and has used in the past, I honestly dont get your problems with it. Also, I seem to remember in the forest fight Prime got pretty busted up, and The Fallen ripped half of his parts off him (or Jetfire's parts).
Prime shouldnt be ruthless. Period. That's what Megatron is for. Prime is Jesus, remember?
Then, in the forest fight, apart from the time that Megatron got 2 hits on him and blew him across the battlefield, he was invincible. The fight was a bit one sided but i can accept it, especially when Prime goes for broke in a desperate attempt to win. As for the Fallen, he only ripped one of his thrusters when he could have ripped his head. That Fallen was a joke...

So anyway, yes i think that Prime was overpowered in ROTF. Demolishor just let him climb on him. Megatron needed 2 more decepticons and backstabbing to beat Prime who was supposed to be his equal... The Fallen never stood a chance... Prime did everything in the movie. Everything.

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