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Default Re: "Only a Prime can defeat me" The Fallen Thread!

Originally Posted by AVEITWITHJAMON View Post
So the final battle in ROTF isnt a battle? The Fallen was threatening to destory not only the autobots new adopted planet, but kill every living thing on it as well, after seeing your own planet destroyed and "Whole generations lost" as Prime said, thats more than enough of reason to go Hostel on an opponent IMO.
No, thats more than enough reason to kill an opponent.
Also, in the comics and cartoon, Prime and Megatron are essentially equals (and Megatron's cannon is no more powerful than Prime's), they have defeated each in the past due to circumstances and how much energon they have had. Its no different in the movies. Being dead for 2 years isnt going to make you powerful.
No, but why would it depower you?
Devastator wasnt even the size of a pyramid, Unicron is the size of a planet, a rail gun would be useless. And as I told you before there is such thing as a rail gun, and it IS that big and powerful.
I was exaggerating. Even if that thing exists, well it took out one of the most notorious and dangerous TF ever in one shot. I would have preferred it if he went down by a dozen of autobots or another big bot.

Just because the majority in the forum says I have to? And in fact the majority in the forum loved Prime in the movie. I keep defending it because I LIKED it, crazy concept huh? A different opinion! Give me ROTF over the ****** likes of the FF movies, Elektra, the Punisher movies, and especially X-Men 3, the ultimate **** movie.

I liked it, and I have no problem with you not liking it so give me the same courtesy.
Ok, sorry about that. I apologize.
So whats your problem with all of this happening in the movies? Its all about the situations, etc that the characters are in at that point.
If Rodimus is Galvatron's main opponent and takes him down frequently, i say that makes him pretty powerful.

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