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Default Re: "Only a Prime can defeat me" The Fallen Thread!

Originally Posted by Mr. Earle View Post
Jetfire is just too old. I think that the stasis lock that he was in is the equivalent of an old man passing in his sleep.
As for Megatron, i think that he took some much needed metal from another robot. I dont think that his metal is better than the other robots. And besides, it seems to me that the robots are like plaster. They can morph into almost everything. Once those pieces were attached to Meg, they became part of him like a piece of plaster merges with a bigger without any problems.
The production team wanted to redesign him and that was a nice way of doing it. I wouldnt get so deep as to ponder whether the way it happened affected him. Megatron IMHO is as powerful as he was in TF2007.
Also, if i were Bay, i wouldnt make this a common practice in the franchise or the robots would start eating each other to grow in size and power. Nobody would be the same again.
But taking parts from a less powerful Decepticon and putting them on Megatron had to have an effect on his power. He lost a lot of parts in TF1, including an arm and a leg. If they were replaced with parts from a less powerful TF then it must have effected his overall strength.

Plus, Jetfire was old because he hadnt had energon for so long. If he had gotten a bit dose of Energon, his parts wouldnt have been rusting, etc.

Originally Posted by Mr. Earle View Post
After the film, the G1 series continued with weekly episodes with the new cast. Rodimus as the leader of the autobots often took on Galvatron and beaten him. The battle you refer to was his first battle as Rodimus. He was like a college basketball player in his first NBA game.
He wasnt actually Rodimus for most of the fight though, he was Hot Rod, and the way he survived was by adopting a hit and run strategy that worked well until Galvatron got his hands on him. If the Matrix wasnt there, Hot Rod would have died.

Originally Posted by Mr. Earle View Post
In any case, i think that the franchise should let other robots shine as well. I mean, Prime's predecessors in the leadership were just as legendary as he is. Rodimus should have a fair chance. As i said before, Prime was once young and inexperienced too.
I think it has let other robots shine, for me, the most heroic part of TF1 was Jazz vs Megatron, and the most emotional parts of both movies involved Bumblebee. Ironhide and the Twins got plenty of money shots as well in both TF1 and TF2 in Ironhide's case.

But Prime and Megatron are the big daddies, and this is why they got the most screentime in the movie IMO. And i disagree about Prime's predecessors being as legendary as he is, for one, the other Prime's were never involved in the Autobot-Decepticon war. Sentinal Prime was initially, but died pretty quickly at the hands of Megatron.

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