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Default Re: Create Your Own X-men (Official Heromachine Thread)

Name: Shadowpath

Real Name: Remi Lorment

Eye Color: Black

Hair Color: Pink(She didn't dye it weirdly)

Race: Italian

Age: She is portrayed as a 15 yr old, but is actually only 12.

Power: She can use a shadow or create shadow power from anything. Her power is strongest during the full moon and the lunar eclipse. When in her full power mode she turns into a shadow herself and is basically invisible.

Orgin Of Power: When she was born, her two parents were sucked into a black hole. Dr. Drenton, the doctor who did the operation, saw that this black hole was created by their daughter. He did an examination on this girl and found mutant DNA in her. He ran to the alley beside the hospital and went back in. This black hole appeared again and sucked up the hospital. Ms. Emma Frost saw this and took the girl in with her to Prof. X's school. There, Emma Frost taught Remi Lorment how to control her shadow powers.

Bio: After Remi learned to control her powers, which was at the age of 10, she decided to join the X-Men. She had heard about the future war and decided she was an important part in saving the future. At first Storm and Cyclops didn't accept her, but when they learned that she actually was the main roll in saving the future, they told her she could join. Now she is 12 and the youngest X-Men ever! She also is super smart and she is the youngest billionaire ever...which can make her cocky sometimes.

Teacher: Emma Frost

Height: 7 ft, 9 in (Her powers give her growth spurts)

Weight: 89.5 lbs

Outfit: During battle she wears a slim X-Men outfit. When not in battle she wears a yellow sugar lip and bell bottom jeans along with yellow allstars. Her outfit helps her practice her acrobatic and flying skills.

Personality: She was a brat when she was young, but Emma taught her better. She is always peaceful and chocked full of interesting questions. She is a bfflad with Shadowcat because they have very similar powers. She has a crush on Wolverine!<3

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