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Default Re: The New Ultimate DC RPG: Sign-Up/OOC Thread

. Application .

Character Application

.Screen name: twylight

.Character you wish to portray: Imra Ardeen/Saturn Girl

.Hero, villain, or walking the line?: Hero

.Powers and physical attributes: An intimate knowledge of weapons, knife skills, hand-to-hand combat. Inherently, she has a power of telepathy as all Titans do. Coming from a long line of inter-galaxtic diplomats her telepathy was powerful than most others from her home planet. Because of the large amount of power her telepathy affords her and it's danger to herself and other's she has a dampening micro-chip implanted in her mind. It can be over-ridden, however it takes an extreme amount of concentration and exertion on her part.
She can create and maintain illusions, read minds, break mental barriers (the strain on herself varies according to how firm the mental block is), can create telepathic links from one person to another, create barriers over several people at one time and influence the minds of others. The distance of her powers is unknown but suspected to be quite large even with the dampener. Besides a standard issue Legion flight ring she also has a Trans-suit and tends to always have a gun or knife on her.

.Origin and backstory (as you see it):

On the planet Titan, a moon of Saturn, the inhabitants have evolved to be strong telepaths over the millenniums. While on other planets telepaths are often due to technological, scientific or even meta-gene anomalies, on Titan everyone is. The hierarchy of the planet is based upon the powers of the individuals. Through the centuries this hierarchy evolved as much as the Titan's powers, creating a number of strong households who control the politics, business and religious dealings of the planet; though it is a purely democratic world. Relationships slowly evolving into selective marriages in the 'upper houses', so the children would have as powerful powers as their parents. Love still flourishes on the planet however because of the strong telepathy of the people. This practice continued in the upper houses, but did little to effect the common people of Titan.

Despite what might seem like large social, emotional and economic gaps due to these practices, Titan is a prosperous world with no poverty and a huge amount of empathy towards humanity of all kinds. It is often referred to as a 'paradise' by other worlds. The Titan's are an open race due to their powers, sharing is thought well of, however respect and protection are the two strong rules of the civilization. Because of their mental sensitivity all Titan's are mandatorily trained to shield their minds for their own protection at a young age, and the protection of others, and they are all taught to respect people's ideas, thoughts and minds. Those who break these rules are dealt with quickly.

Imra Ardeen grew up in one of the higher households, her mother was an Ambassador and her father one of the leading business men on the world. The youngest child of her family she was often spoiled by her four older siblings. Her sisters doted on her, often dressed her in flamboyantly feminine fashions while her brothers teased her and allowed her to watch and participate in their boyish pranks. Due to being the youngest she often sat in on her older siblings private psychic tutorings, expanding her mental powers and intellectual knowledge at a young age.

Because of her home planet's close proximity to the central UP government her life was shielded from the insecurity of the universe around her. The war raged on systems away from her own when she was 13, and her parents made sure to shield any conversations that might reach her, or her siblings about the perils. It wasn't until she reached the age of 15 that she began to experience it. Her two older brothers both joined the Titan Military as Officers when they were old enough and her sisters started working in the Hospitals, where many Titans could be found in due to their innate powers.

She was a spunky, light-hearted girl who had a great deal of empathy and faith in people. Due to her powers and ability to naturally make people feel at ease, her parents anticipated her life's work would be as a Public Representative of the planet as either a goodwill Ambassador or, if her training proved well, as a Representative of her world in the UP government. In fact once she turned 16 her mother pulled strings that allowed her to work as an intern with the Titan Representative to Earth. She excelled at the work she was given; witty and gentle she'd often belay whatever anger or frustration there was with a calm word or comment that dispensed it without causing insult.

When she was 17 there was a lull in the fighting and her mother as a diplomat managed to allow the family to join together on the planet of Cargg. Her mother was there for a diplomatic summit and the family visit was to be a short one, just a few days before her brothers were re-deployed and her sisters were transfered to other hospitals. However it was the turning point in the war and also in Imra's life.

Local time, on the morning of Granth 287 at 06:00 the planet Cargg was attached by the Dominators. They swept through the Cargganian defenses and invaded the planet. Due to her mother's political standings the family was among the diplomats who were the first to start being evacuated, however the Dominators attack was swifter than expected and before the Ardeen family was safely aboard their shuttle, the Dominators attacked the surface of the planet. Imra and a handful of others were pulled away during the initial moments as the Titan security force and a handful of SP officers tried to defend the diplomats. Despite their efforts the rest of the members of the group were brutally murdered. Because of their training, the Titan's in the initial moments of the invasion had thrown up protective shields to protect themselves from the Dominator's strong thoughts and the brutal killings that went on around them. However in her desperation at being torn from her family Imra dropped her shields as she was pulled away, reaching out for them in their last moments as her sensitive mind felt the full devastation. Shoved onto an emergency shuttle she cling to the window, her mind filled not just with the visual and mental pain of her families' anguish and last moments but also those of the entire planet.

When a UP ship arrived at the battle scene to retrieve the evacuees they found her in the corner of the shuttle in a catatonic state. The human doctor on board the ship treated her for Post Traumatic Stress as best he could however her mind was open and would not shut, allowing her own feelings to seep into the minds of those around her and she was soon placed in a solitary cell until they reached Titan. Once there she was taken in by her grandparents and extended family who saw to it that she received the best Psychic Therapy the Titan race could offer. However she soon moved from catatonic to highly unstable. She refused to leave her family's home, and those sent to comfort her or for therapy often find illusions of her parents and siblings when they entered. Her sadness that she showed belayed her true emotions of anger and loss at her personal loss and the massive amounts of pain and anguish she'd taken in during Cargg's destruction. Her mood swings were drastic and though they tried to rebuild her minds natural mental barrier's it seemed impossible as only the Psychic Therapists with the strongest shields would attempt to treat her, and despite their efforts they'd often come out of the sessions shaking from the exertion.

Against her family's best efforts Imra still found ways to take in news of the war, listening to the mental waves of nearby UP military ships she finally decided to head to earth and the SP, having felt as if she'd received no help from her own people.
Using her mother's political and diplomatic standing she was able to make it to Earth and walked into the SP office requesting a dampener chip. Recognizing her as highly unstable and unsafe in the human environment they fulfilled her request despite the strain it put on certain topics concerning Titan-Human relations. The chip dampened her ability to feel others thoughts at distance and downplayed her own mental thoughts invading other minds, as well as shunting several other aspects that came with her power.

Imra then entered Science Police training, her highly imbalanced mentality lead the trainer's to worry about what they'd do with her once she graduated. Her telepathy allowed her to glean tactics, lessons and combat moves directly from the shallow thoughts of her instructor's minds. She discarded what was useless, retaining what was useful and put them into practice with an efficiency that startled her teachers due. Her once calming and welcoming presence had turned into a hurricane. Calm one moment, in an instant she'd be violent and while never hurting anyone when once she'd try to calm the room, she had no second thoughts at throwing in for a fight, or even instigating one herself. She gained a taste of alcohol due to the cadet's partying and soon discovered it's numbing effect on the mind.

Her instructor's worries were soon put at ease when Major R.J. Brande reviewed the trainees' and despite her dismerits and insubordination recognized her as a valuable asset to his new elite fighting unit he was putting together. He placed her on the team and once she discovered she'd be battling the Dominators face to face Imra's mind seemed to solidify. She was focused on one thing, killing those who'd caused her and others so much pain. Despite this focus she remained unstable in terms of her mentality, happy one moment, dead drunk the next. She'd finish Garth's sentences, jump the gun, or sometimes behave as a solider should. She soon became known as the most ruthless in battle. Mowing the Dominators down, not just with her weapons, but with her hands and mind. She'd often create illusions to lull them into safety before breaking through them herself knifing them brutally. Her tactics shifted each time, sometimes she'd wipe a while battalion herself with her abilities, other times she took more of a hands-on approach. Her teammates kept her at a distance because of the alternatively cold shoulder she gave them and the overly friendly offers of drinks. While she sometimes acted insubordinate to Garth she never challenged him past certain barriers creating a mutual understanding between the two.

Once the war ended and the team was heralded as heroes she started losing focus. Loosing herself in work or in the seedy bars at the lower levels of the earth. Refusing to return to her home planet and either shying away or flaunting herself in front of Titan's she did meet. She's become more sporadic than she had been, taking delight in temporal and finite things from night to night. While she'd lived in the moment and tried to forget each day as it passed, since Cargg, she's started to act more on it. There are more than a few nights when one of her teammates is pulled from their bed at the call of an SP unit needing them to come down and pull her out of a bar fight. What happens in the future, and how she acclimates to the calming yet still nervous nature of the UP, remains to be seen...

.The burning question - Why this character?: because I freakin' love her to pieces.

.How will this version of your character differ from others? How will it be Ultimate?:.....


Geoff Johns said this about Imra:
"Saturn Girl is the heart and soul of the Legion of Super-Heroes. When everybody's saying, 'Legion doesn't work anymore. There's too much xenophobia. You can't change people.' Saturn Girl says, 'Yes, you can.' Then suddenly, you realize she can read people's minds. She knows everyone's deepest darkest secrets. If she has faith, then at the base level, human beings and aliens and everybody can reach that goal, can reach achievement and have that goodness inside them. I believe her. I'm with her. And that's why Saturn Girl is so important to the Legion. She's at the epicention of truth for the entire universe for me."

As you can tell mine is nothing like that...

.What do you believe you can bring to the RPG?:

.Provide a sample post as the character you wish to portray, in three paragraphs or more:

The music throbbed through the air, making it shake and quiver, the sea of people shifted of it's own accord, the din drowning out any attempt for a person to even think for themselves.

"ANOTHER ROUND!" A blonde head rose from the crowd as the woman mounted a nearby table. She held a beaker of green liquid in her hand before downing it with a large smile and tossing it at the wall. Imra blinked as the potent alcohol made it's way to her head and she laughed. All eyes in this section of the large bar were on her and she loved it. A hand reached up and grabbed her ass. She playfully flicked it off.

"Not now boys!" She slide off the table and into the sea moving her body in rhythm to the music. She soon spotted a Cargganian male dancing, his triple forms all out and enjoying the company of three separate women. Smiling Imra tossed her head and moved her way to him, grabbing two of them by their shirt fronts and pulling them to her.

"We're missing one!" Their surprised and probably slightly frustrated expressions melted as she pressed against them and slide down their bodies with a wink. Her short blonde hair bobbed against her jawline and framed her face. The music grew louder and so did the crowd. Despite the cage of three she'd surrounded herself with Imra was dealt a rough bump from a large Human. Spinning she grabbed his arm.

"What the frak was what about? You think you can fraking get away with a durlan move like that?" The man smirked and leaned over, his handsome face near hers.
"I'm sure I could get away with a lot of stuff with you." Imra looked at him and a smile crept over her face, moving towards him she looped her leg around his.

"Oh yeah? Like what?" His hand moved to her waist and she smiled, running her hand down his arm, gripping his wrist she twisted it, the seductive smile still on her face. It was fun to be wanted.

"AH son of a Braalian, you-" His mouth was interrupted by the punch, Imra laughed as her fist connected to his jaw. The hand that reached to stop her next blow caused her to spin and kick, catching the bouncer in the middle, sending him into a group of dancers. Twisting and kicking Imra battled her way through the crowd, pinning, punching and holding. Her face was grim with determination. In moments the entire club was in an uproar, and moment after that the Science Police arrived to find the blonde woman sitting in the corner, her eyes wide in shock and a scared look on her face.

The lead officer sighed.
"You... should have known."

She looked up at him, true feelings of fear racing through her as she listened to the officer's one sided conversation.
"Yeah, she's here... who this time? Thanks............Krinn? ... yeah. Starlix. Sure."

Reaching down he grabbed her arm roughly.
"Lets go." before hauling her form the emptying club. Outside the med vehicles flashed their lights brightly as they placed her in the back of a SP vehicle with a blanket. She sat in silence, there had been so much noise, so much anger and frustration. Pulling the blanket around her she smiled, well, what was done was done. She couldn't help it if everyone overreacted.

A knock came on the window and she looked up to see Rokk's face through the window. His brown hair disheveled from being torn from bed at 04:00.

"Frak Imra..."

She glared at him and swept out of the vehicle, why did he come? Why did they no think she could handle it on her own.
"Let's get you home."

"NO!" she dodged away from his hand and stared at him.

"I'm not tired, you didn't need to come. I don't know why you're even on the team, it's not like you can do anything." Rokk's face turned stone cold as he moved with a speed to match hers and grabbed her arm.

"Look, you're drunk. I'm out here on the Gan forsaken streets at 0400 because you got me up, again."
Twisting her arm she hit his weak point and pulled away, her back hitting another body as arms went around her, spinning she turned to look into the smiling face of an SP officer.

"Well, if it's not Saturn Girl."

Imra smiled, forgetting Rokk.

"Drake! Wow, it's been forever!"

"Not since training" He said with a smile and a shrug. "Still as wild as ever."

She shrugged, a small web of white scars along the right side of her neck caught the flashing lights of the vehicles, making them an ethereal white design.

"You know the drill. They put you here, then move you there and then you end up half-way across the Universe." Behind her Rokk shrugged and threw his hands up.

"You're on your own." He said before walking off.

Drake looked back at Imra and put a hand on her arm.
"Let's get you someplace where you can chill a bit. Okay?" She threw her arms around his neck and looked up with wide eyes, her words coming out in a great gush as he led her to his vehicle.
"Yes! Orange juice sounds good! It's morning isn't it? Can we stop at McLaugins for breakfast? Is Troy still on the force?"

.Do you know how to post pictures on the Hype?:

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