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Default Re: Thor: The Animated Series

Originally Posted by TheCorpulent1 View Post
McNeil will always be Rattrap from Beast Wars to me. I'd be cool with him as Skurge. If he did something like Dinobot's voice but less snarly, it could work.
McNeil was an awesome Rattrap. Maybe something that's like half-Dinobot/half-Silverbolt, or maybe a slightly rougher Piccolo?

Beast Wars had plenty of talented voice actors on it, many of whom served on two sets of He-Man shows (New Adventures from the early 90s and the 2002 remake that sadly didn't survive long on CN). Trying to think of good roles for Gary Chalk (Optimus Primal, 2002 Man-At-Arms) and Richard Newman (Rhinox, also Phaeton from Exo-Squad). Do you suppose Chalk could Odin?

But I'm not totally opposed to reusing actors from Hulk Vs, such as Graham McTavish as Loki, Grey DeLisle as Sif, etc. I think the only one I'd replace is Matt Wolf as Thor, I don't hate him but he's not quite my Thor (I think Wolf's voice would be better suited to Balder the Brave actually, soft spoken fellow that Balder is) and have Michael Adamthwaite take over as Thor (and still pulling for Michael Donovan as well). For the few times Michael spoke as Balder, that's actually closer to how I imagine Thor to sound.

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