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Default Re: Thor: The Animated Series

Originally Posted by TheCorpulent1 View Post
Nah, Chalk's voice doesn't have the gravitas for Odin, in my opinion. That's part of why I liked him as Optimus Primal so much--his voice wasn't super-imposing like Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime, which fit Primal's less idealized character well. I think Chalk could do pretty well with Volstagg, actually. It'd give him an opportunity to be a little more humorous and boastful than most of his roles.

Newman would be great as Hogun or Heimdall.
Interesting. I was actually thinking of Heimdall as an alternative role for Chalk.

And of course, I'm sure Chalk & Newman would do fine playing any of the various evil rampaging giants.

What voice actors currently working do you feel have the right tone for Odin? Or other actors who could take over the roles of Amora or Sif should recasts be needed? I could see Venus "Blackarachnia" Terzo having a grand old time with Amora the Enchantress (still can't believe she was Jean Grey on Evolution).

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