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Default Re: Iron Man 2 Score

Originally Posted by Mr. Earle View Post
Oh come on, just the 30 seconds of music when the autobots first transform tramps everything in IM's OST.
Not even close, I don't even remember there being music at that scene in TF.

Zimmer gave the new Batman his new theme. Jablonsky gave the TF their own. Both distinct and powerful. I cant remember anything from IM. He has no specific theme. The only good part was when he tested the Mk2 but it wasnt anything special really...
IMO, neither are distinct nor powerful. Zimmer's I can recall a bit more, but the TF score? Fuhgedaboudit!

As for Linking Park, its easier for people to remember that hit song from that successful band than remember the movie's theme, but when you hear it, you know its TF. The same would have happened if Linking Park had a song in any movie's soundtrack.
I'm not disputing that. However, I doubt most people listening to some of TF's theme w/o being told what it is would know it belonged to TF.

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