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Default Re: Iron Man 2 Score

Originally Posted by kedrell View Post
Not even close, I don't even remember there being music at that scene in TF.
If we re talking about ROTF, its possible that the explosions made it too loud to even notice the music. I noticed the music the second time around. But anyway, when Prime is being transported by the helicopter (dead i mean), when Sam and Bee talk about Prime's death, when Prime is revived... all great music moments. I cant remember much of it, but i know that when i was watching that movie, it made sense and it affected my emotions to the point i went "damn that is some good music". You dont need to remember it, it just needs to be there and to be effective.
IM hardly had any music and when it did, it was generic.
IMO, neither are distinct nor powerful. Zimmer's I can recall a bit more, but the TF score? Fuhgedaboudit!
Its not about remembering it afterwards (though it would be nice if you could), its about working well with the film.

You do have a point though. Even though i prefer Zimmer's 21st century Batman theme to Elfman's, i still cant play it in my head with ease. The scores from B89 or Indiana Jones only take a second to start playing in my head. And i think this is down to the way scores are made these days. They are more complex and more difficult to remember. They work better during the movie, but not when you re trying to remember them afterwards or "sing" them when you re playing with your batman action figure.
IMHO, BB (and not TDK) had the best OST known to man. The music when Bruce is looking at his dad's stethoscope is amazing. And lets not forget Barbastella. Oh yeah, and the triumphant theme that was used when Batman leaped off GPD at the end of Begins and when he used the skyhook in TDK.

I'm not disputing that. However, I doubt most people listening to some of TF's theme w/o being told what it is would know it belonged to TF.
You re probably right, but i think its got to do with what i am discussing right above.

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