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Default Re: Stark Industries VS. Wayne Enterprises

Originally Posted by ThePoisonPuppet View Post
Wayne Enterprises is probably the bigger company if compared. Wayne Enterprises is probably one of the top 5 biggest companies on Earth in the comics, while Stark Industries is also big, but more like in the top 50.

Wayne Enterprises is a conglomerate that does almost everything (including selling arms) while Stark Industries almost solely is an arms dealer.
Both are conglomerates. At the press conference, what does Tony say? "Effective immediately I am shutting down the weapons manufacturing division of Stark International". SI is a huge conglomerate involved in just about anything tech-based, from household electronics to cutting edge military surplus.

Now which is bigger/better? Who knows. I'd say they are about equal. But Tony Stark is a much better businessman than Wayne, so I'll give Stark International the edge. I don't know if Wayne has lost his fortune and rebuilt it(several times) all through his own ingenuity. But I know Stark has done so(several times), because he's(among many other things) a brilliant businessman. Wayne seems more like a guy who just owns companies and lets others do the running of them since he's too busy with his crusade against crime. That consumes all his time.

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