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Default Re: The Official Beast Wars Thread

So I'm watching Beast Machines again, which I'm always ambivalent about. There are some really great bits and some really terrible bits and a whole lot of everything in-between. So I decided to sit down and make a list of pros and cons:

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
- Fantastic animation, even by today's standards

- Good music (although they constantly loop the "action theme" music for virtually everything, which gets annoying)

- Premise and first episode up until Optimus' 'transformation' are excellent and up the ante in the conflict between Megatron and the Maximals

- Interesting switch from two equal warring factions in BW to more of a Maximal guerilla resistance vs. a vastly more powerful Megatron in BM

- Several of the characters' beast modes and/or robot modes look great, especially Cheetor's robot mode

- Great character arc for Optimus Primal--between him and Megatron, we got interesting looks at fanaticism on both sides of one conflict, which broke down barriers between usually simple concepts of "good" and "evil" in the Transformers mythos

- Good character arc for Rattrap--the quintessential soldier being forced to adapt to a new body devoid of weaponry and finding some peace and relief from his cynicism via his romance with Botanica

- Botanica is cool

- Good character arc for Waspinator/Thrust--the guy who used to be a joke regains his identity but rejects it because, frankly, his old life sucked and his new one is pretty sweet by comparison

- Good struggle for Blackarachnia to reclaim her lost love; role-reversal of character arc from Beast Wars between her and Silverbolt

- Megatron's genuinely f***ing scary at a lot of points in the series

- Brings a (kind of) logical conclusion to the G1 era of Transformers

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
- Maximals morph rather than transform

- Once the Maximals learn to morph, we find that their robot modes have funky energy redirection or tasers or swords instead of any kind of traditional Transformer weaponry, which further distances the techno-organic characters from the Transformers legacy

- Transformation being equated to spirituality kind of sucked

- Terrible character arc for Rhinox--resurrected as an enemy, regains memories, STAYS an enemy for completely uncharacteristic reasons, and ultimately dies a psychotic moron (I still attribute it to his Vehicon shell program corrupting his mind, regardless of what Bob Skir or the other writers claim)

- Badly executed character arc for Cheetor--instead of showing him maturing and becoming a logically challenging voice to Optimus' leadership as intended, he's portrayed as whinier than ever

- Terrible, angsty character arc for the previously fun Silverbolt--his answer to enjoying being free of his code of honor as Jetstorm is to continue to ignore his code of honor once his mind is clear, drive Blackarachnia away, and occasionally endanger his supposed friends

- Rattrap has no legs and generally looks stupid in robot mode

- Nightscream... I'll just leave it at that

- Savage/Noble beast-to-beast transformation (and the character in general) was lame

- Megatron becomes a bit of a joke in the second season, jumping from body to body and generally being kind of useless

- Strika and Obsidian were boring non-characters with very little personality or charisma, unlike the unique, varied, and, most importantly, fun villains of Beast Wars like Inferno, Rampage, Quickstrike, et al.

- Automatically portraying techno-organic as better than purely cybernetic for no real reason was a bit stupid

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