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Default Re: The Official Beast Wars Thread

The writing for the stories that make up the arc was good, and I can enjoy them if I consider Rhinox's core personality to be somehow corrupted by the Tankor shell program, but the writers insisted at the time that Rhinox was fully clear-headed and in control of his actions. That, to me, is total bulls***. There's nothing in Rhinox, based on what we see of him in Beast Wars, that would ever lead him to willingly do the things he does as Tankor in Beast Machines.

So, like I said, I don't care what the writers intended anymore; Tankor's personality somehow crept into Rhinox's core programming and corrupted his normal personality. The Matrix "forgiving" him was just Rhinox's spark being freed of the conflicting Tankor programming upon his death. Call it my personal canon, but that's the only way the Rhinox/Tankor arc works at all for me.

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