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Default Re: "Only a Prime can defeat me" The Fallen Thread!

Originally Posted by AVEITWITHJAMON View Post
Looking more powerful is nothing, as you said if you were able to attach an old man's arm to a younger mans arm, of course it would effect his strength, not to mention agility and recovery time.

If you view it differently there is nothing left to discuss and we should just agree to disagree on this point.
I simply think that Megatron was in need of metal. I dont think he got weaker because it came from another TF. He was as powerful as before. Now the fact that Bay had him and everyone else job to Optimus has nothing to do with the plot. In a Nolan movie maybe, but not in a Bay one. Megatron had to die in the first film so that it could end but since Megatron is so iconic, he cant stay dead, plus they needed to give him a new design, so they did the transplant. Do you really have to reach so far?
Well Jetfire in the cartoon wasnt aged like he was in the movie, Kup was an old-timer because of the amount of crap he went through.
What does this have to do with what i was saying?
Jazz was the leader at that point, he didnt know if Prime was incapacitated or dead, so he took on the responsibility, if the other Autobots had done the same and not pussied out, Jazz would still be alive. For me, Jazz still has the most heroic moment in the franchise.
Indeed he was heroic, but it was a mistake from Bay. Maybe Jazz was second in command because of wisdom, strategic ability but he certainly wasnt because of his fighting ability. He was tiny and weak. So the fact that he took on Megatron, while valiant, it was stupid. But i am ok with it. As a leader, he had to do his duty, buy some time for his troops to regroup.
We have only gotten two movies with Optimus, and you want him replaced already? Anyway, Rodimus Prime put the death knell on the franchise, the ratings dropped considerably when Rodimus took over from Optimus, that tells you he simply wasnt as good or interesting a character.
I dont want to replace him. Have you not been reading what i post? Bruce is always the better and more interesting Batman, but since he is so perfect, i personally dont mind a story about a future batman who is different from Bruce. Like Dick or Terry. So i dont mind if in the future, Rodimus takes over and we see some of him. They can keep making movies about Optimus, but maybe after 10000 Optimus adventures, his time is up and someone else can take it from there. Just because at some point Bruce gets old and someone else takes over, it doesnt mean that you cant make infinite stories about him. You can have all those and the future version and enjoy both. Thats the allure of elseworlds stories as well.

Then its a matter of how you do it. IMHO, Bruce will always be batman even in the year 3000 AD. Terry will just be batman in the year 3040. So maybe Prime can always be our contemporary and we can read stories about his future successor. Or, they can do it the Flash way, where the new guy takes over and they stop writing about the old one. In any case, i dont want to let go of Optimus, but i can enjoy a story about his future successor... So option A for me.
In the movie universe, there was a Decepticon-Autobot war before Optimus ever existed, ROTF explain this, The Fallen was the first Decepticon, and Optimus wasnt the leader, Megatron was, for all intents and purposes.
Personally, i dont know what the **** is going on in the Bayverse because bay never takes the time to tell a coherent story. In the first movie Prime tells us that at some point, Megatron and his followers snapped and started killing robots. Cybertron was a peaceful planet ruled by Meg and Prime until then. Obviously, the Fallen wasnt the one that started the war. Megatron was. Maybe the fallen corrupted Meg, but the point is that he was entombed, something that the movie was too busy to show, so you have to read the comics. Now, since the 6 primes died and the other one was entombed (by who i dont know) then where did the other robots come from? Anyway, the point is.... oh **** it...
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Btw, if they ever make a movie that flashbacks to the start of the war and the fall of Megatron, i would rather if the justification wasnt the Fallen. "boohoohoo the fallen corrupted me" sounds easy, cliche and unimaginative. I'd rather if Megatron turns evil after some events and character development. It would be nice if we actually saw something besides explosions.

I just dont think Rodimus is that good of a character to be honest, he is no Optimus, and I have even found Sentinal and Nova Prime much more interesting in the comics. To me he is a better character as Hot Rod.
I respect your opinion, but as i said before, i can enjoy the countless stories of Prime that keep coming out, and still enjoy a story about the future when he isnt around and his successor is trying to follow his footsteps since he was so great. What can i tell you, i enjoy diversity.

Also, all the other Primes you refer to are badass like Optimus. Well if you re gonna replace Prime, shouldnt you replace him with someone different? And if you recall, in one of my earlier posts i was talking about an episode where Rodimus is struggling with his responsibilities and Kup explains that the same thing happened when a young Optimus first assumed command. So dont you think that Rodimus is just like a young Optimus? Did you want his replacement to be equal to Prime? What would have been the point? And i dont expect the kids to understand this, because in their minds (and in mine back then) that new kid sucks and Prime was so wise and badass. But as an adult, i can see how it works and for me, its like watching Terry trying to be a good Batman after Bruce. I was angry back then about that ****** show with a stupid kid batman, but it turns out it was great and i only had to stop being a butthurt fanboy and accept some change. And if anything, it wasnt change, nothing changed for batman. It was just a story about his distant future...

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