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Default Re: The Official Beast Wars Thread

Originally Posted by Spidey-Bat View Post
I agree with your pics Corpy. Especially Inferno. How can you not love a guy who got away with calling Megatron a queen? I liked how they made the Predacons entertaining but not complete buffoons.
Yeah, I'm watching the G1 cartoons now and it's made me realize that the Predacons were really far superior to the Decepticons in terms of not being idiots. I mean, the Preds screw up a lot, but Megatron could've probably taken down most of the Maximals by himself and Inferno was a stone-cold badass until the transmetals came along.

Somewhat along that same line, I liked that Primal's Maximals were totally the wrong people for the job they wound up with. Unlike Optimus Prime and his honed, hardened military forces, they were completely out of their depth. I look at Primal's crew like the Army Core of Engineers to Prime's Marines--they've been to boot camp and they've had some training, but they're really not the guys you want on the front lines. Primal himself was a fairly smart commander, but he was absolute s*** in a fight. If not for Dinobot defecting and the Axalon lucking out by getting a tough but seemingly retired demolitions and infiltration expert on its crew, they would've gotten spanked in no time.

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