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Default Re: The New Ultimate DC RPG

The Road from Perdition

The first thing that hits me when I enter the gas station is the stench of blood. It's thick and invasive, hanging in the air. I wince slightly, not knowing whether to be fully repulsed by it or feel slightly nostalgic.

The fluorescent lights above my head flicker erratically. I am too late. A shame.

I walk slowly over to the cashier's desk, various kinds of snacks crumbling beneath my feet. The air grows colder with each step I take towards the corpse; slung over the counter is the body of a young girl. Face down in a puddle of her own blood, her throat has been slashed. Blond locks cascade down over her head. Her name was Melissa and she was 19 years old.

"I'm sorry." I offer the poor soul "May you fare well on your journey."

I turn to leave, wading through an aisle of trashed food. I stop for a moment, a new scent. Something...familiar. Something...


Several things happen at once. The air grows hot. I recognize the smell as the stench of sulfur. And the gleeful scream coming from behind sends a shiver down my back. I turn.

Melissa´s corpse is standing in front of me. Perhaps not standing, rather, strung up. Her head is slung backwards, the gash on her throat slowly opening even more, torrents of blood pouring down her neck. Her hands dangle lifelessly to her sides; her knees buckled.

"Don't tell me you don't recognize me, old buddy old pal?" the woman shouts, her voice unearthly and hollow.

"I recognize you, Etrigan." I state dryly. "Now leave that poor girl."

"Oh please." Etrigan scoffs. "You've seen worse. Hell, you've done worse."

One of Etrigan´s vessel´s lifeless arms spring up and grab the head, pulling it up to look me in the eye. The poor woman´s mouth has been disfigured, her teeth filed into razor sharp fangs. "Leaving without even so much as a goodbye? Is that any way to treat your friends? Lot of people got upset when we found out you were gone, Zee. Even Big L himself got angry."

I hang my head. "You've seen the man when he's angry, yes?"

"Although I gotta say. This is one sweet-ass deal you got here. Be a good little boy and you're allowed your leash back? How'd you swing that?"

I look up, staring right into those dead eyes. I've practiced this speech for millennia, down there in the Pit. "My God is a good and mercifu--"


Windows shatter and glass flies like bullets. They whip around my body, cutting my face and skin, digging deep and slicing through tendons and muscle. An invisible force grabs me and hurls me through the air. I fly across the floor, before I slam into a wall. I can feel my vessel´s body break in almost every way.

"You have fun up here while you can, partner." he growls. "Put a flower on a piece of ****, it's still a piece of ****, Zauriel. Believe me, I'll be seeing you around."

As if someone turned a dial, the air goes freezing cold and Melissa´s body snaps back, before collapsing down on the floor in a bloody heap.

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