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Default Re: Transformers or Revenge of the Fallen: Which Was Better?

Originally Posted by macdawson View Post
As i said above, a longer, less rushed battle would fix this. I mean we get to the end of the film and what do we know about the robots, besides Optimus?
Bumblebee is last seen greeving Sam's death but is not seen again after he comes back to life;
Ironhide was injured in that big blast (we see him jump clear but that's it);
2 bikes are badly injured (only the blue one seems to keep fighting);
Sideswipe is seen firing a few shots but after spotting Sam he's not seen again (or is he?);
Ratchet and Jolt do the Optimus/Jetfire parts mix, both seem rather undamaged;
The Twins aren't seen again after Mudflap shoots Skids in the face;
Wheelie... he's last seen taking shelter with the humans near the pyramids, the night before Sam figures out what the 3 kings are.
This kinda happened in the first one also; after destroying Frenzy you don't find out what happened to the hacker chick, Anthony Anderson's character or Jon Voight's character. After that it's like they don't appear again.

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