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Default Re: Scarlet Witch,Quicksilver,and Polaris

yes i believe its possible look how well written their relationship was written in WaTXM, the movie could focus how Magneto doesn't show any father like relationship w/Pietro, but he loathes Wanda/Lorna, it could be a good storyline and if the characters are casted will be good characterization for Magneto a soft side we never seen of him in X1-X3 and explain why his children weren't present in X1-X3

if they do a first class 2 or 3 then i could see this storyline working....if they use genosha island as the plot in first class one then maybe in the 3rd film, it'll show genosha reformed by Magneto and introduce his kids ala Wolverine and the X-Men cartoon for example...

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