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Default Re: Would you like Norman Osbourn as a Iron Man villian?

I agree Kedrell, while in the beginning having Osborn be a more active villain for Stark was great and it is nice to see how much a slimball he is and hope Stark takes him down. Someone needs to delve into Iron Man's rogues gallery and revamp many of them, there are many that have great potential, but lack the good writing to bring them to the fore front as a major Marvel villain.
Typically when people do think of Iron Man and his villains, the first and really only one they think of is Mandarin, which is sad with great villains like Madam Masque, Crimson Dynamo, Spymaster, Ghost etc.
hopefully as you said, Fraction should dig into shellheads villains and work making them more a threat not just to Iron Man but other hero's. He has done a good job with Madam Masque and Controller, so who knows'

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