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Default Re: Transformers or Revenge of the Fallen: Which Was Better?

Originally Posted by moreprimeland View Post
I voted equally good, and they were for different reasons, loved the action of the bots and quantity of bots we had in 2, but 1 gave us a more concentrated storyline. TF2 was moving all over the place trying to squeeze in too much in the time alloted and missed some better storytelling chances. IMHO.:trans but I've seen TF1 over 500X and TF2 4 X, but I will watch both over and over I'm sure.
Though I voted for TF1, this is pretty much how I felt, the first movie felt like the first few episodes of the cartoon, a concentrated story, with a few action scene's but a lot of exposition, the 2nd was more like the episodes we all looked forward to as kids, when everything came a head and all the action came at once.

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