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Default Re: The Joker Blogs on Youtube...

Originally Posted by nathaniel View Post
What would be great is if he (or someone else on tube) tried an impression of Nicholsons, Hamils and Romeros joker!

This guy does :

Well, not Romero's Joker, but Nicholson's and Hamil's one. And he's pretty good, I think.

As for the Joker Blogs, i just love his job. I don't think his Joker mannerisms are forced. He's just right for me. He got him under his skin and plays naturally, as if he was the character.
His voice, well... He seems to be young and Heath had an extraordinary voice that could reach the highest as the lowest sounds. Anyway, Heath was Heath... *sigh*

He still got a little work to do, but he's already talented.

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