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Default Re: The Joker Blogs on Youtube...

I've seen the blogs many times and I like them best when he's got a message to say, punctuated by a nice punchline in the end, and when he doesn't try too hard to imitate Heath, which he doesn't a lot of the time, especially in the later vids. Many people have commented already that what they admire the most about him is his deviation from Heath's performance and creating his own "version" of the Joker, so to speak, instead of simply parroting the actor's lines with a perfect gruff/nasally/high-pitched voice and mannerisms at the right intervals. He tried something different and it definitely worked because he's got a ton of fans hanging on his every word, especially fangirls (which was inevitable IMO, he's based on Heath Ledger after all ). The TDK Joker, he's like the Edward Cullen of the Batverse! Urk. Yes, I went there. Can't be the only one who thinks this is true...

The only thing that tends to bother me sometimes are fan(girl)s who yell at people who dare to disagree with their high opinions of this guy. Some act like they'd scalp you with relish if you said anything remotely negative about his videos. Sheesh, just calm down and don't take it to heart so much... From their behaviour I guess they're pretty young still and very devoted and loyal to their crush.

And a MAJOR crush he is because why else do fangirls want to know if this guy is single or not? LOLZ. But for me it's best to take these things in stride and just enjoy the show.

I also like the fact the vids follow a story and have recurring characters. There's a real build-up the viewers can enjoy. The story isn't just snippets from his Arkham sessions, it's actually going somewhere and many are already bemoaning the fact it's going to end soon. I think it's this build-up and the anticipation that helped Blog Guy have such a loyal following, and it is considerable, you have to hand him that if nothing else. His fans do a lot of promotion for him, mentioning him everywhere, so that his fanbase is constantly growing.

(The wig's great also, I wish I had one like that! It surprises me when folks are shocked to hear it's not his real hair. Who cares if it's a wig, it's pretty awesome. And now he's in complete costume as well and he looks great in it.)

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