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Default Re: The 'Streets of Gotham' Thread

Oh god i just read Streets of Gotham #3... Paul Dini and Dustin Nguyen. I LOVE YOU! Okay im so excited im spilling the beans, read it if you wish!

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
The comic starts with Hush's Bruce Wayne acting, giving 10 million to the nuns, re-opening the acme chemical facture for jobs (yeah, this is the chemical plant Joker is rumoured to have born) and pretty much throwing away money. Damian attacks him in the evening and he, Richard and Hush talk, yet Richard realizes the value of Bruce Wayne, he realizes how important it is to give hope to Gotham and how Bruce Wayne (not Batman lol, thats the funny part) is needed for Gotham.

We cut to the Penquin, who now being a partner with Black Mask (Man , the editor in the Batman comics is doing really good job informing each writer whats happening) and so on, but the best part? We see how Mr. Zsasz sees the word... He sees everything as red, and he sees how he visions people dead, literally we see him imagining blades at even Black Mask's face and whatnot, but hey Black Mask is now Zsasz' best friend, and he is offering the best deal ever: Money to buy people Zsasz can torture. Oh god, i just love the point of views from Zsasz, this truly was a great comic to read after the below mediocore Red Robin #3 ! The comic ends with Hush buying the Elliot house where he's greeted by Richard, Damian, Zatanna, John Stewart and the Outsiders. From now on Hush is their puppet, he can only appear in public if _one_ guy is with him to keep him incheck. >: ) Oh and Damian might have a crush on Katana.

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