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Actually, it's not the second AW, it's Marvel Adventures Continuity one and it sucks badly. Don't read it man, trust me - IT ISN'T WORTH IT!

The real Armor Wars II started in the 1990 by the very good writer - John Byrne. It is not as good as the original Micheline one, but not bad at all. It has the art by mighty John Romita Jr., which is great - 'cause I love the Neo-Classic Armor and the further upgrade + Tony with the long hair is just awesome (forever fan of the IM Season 2...)

I recommend this second Armor Wars saga (Iron Man v1 258#-266) to you as a qualified IM fan. You'll definitely like it + it's conclusion Assault on the Armor City (Darkhawk Annual #01-Avengers West Coast Annual 07-Iron Man Annual v1 13).

Have a good time reading those things. These are classic man...

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