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Default Re: War Machine for IM2 movie :D "PIC HEAVY"

MORE UPDATES and specs so far

Spec's so far
-Super-flex plated abdominal area V1.0 "plates move as i move"
-Wrist rockets w/ High Powered Green laser v2.0 completed
-Mini Gun simulated fire and drop lock system w/laser v1.0 completed
-Movie accurate Arc reactor v3.0
-Crotch Piece Armor v2.0 Completed
-Leg's/Pants armor v3.0 Completed
-Full upper leg/thigh cover/armor upgrade v1.0
-Upgraded elbow covers v1.0
-Arm join covers v1.0
-Armor shoes v1.0 Completed
-Neck cover piece armor v3.0 "-extended"
-Replusor gauntlets v2.0
-Movie Accurate Helmet v.2.0
-Lighted eyes v1.0

-remote firing system "to shoot bottle rockets hehehe

" i will take new pictures with new upgrade soon"

again everyone thanks for your awesome comments

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