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Default Re: Transformers or Revenge of the Fallen: Which Was Better?

Transformers was wayyy better. The story about a nerdy boy getting a hot chicks interest may work in one movie, but in the second i really didn't care anymore about sam witchwicky's lovestory or first day on college . The Fallen was a joke, he has like one fight and gets killed after 10 secons by a prime. Why even bother calling the movie Revenge of the Fallen, even the Twins had more screentime. Sam dying and his ressurection was completely unbelievable, like the audience even believed for an instance he could really have passed away. What about Jetfire, an old transformers with a walking stick?! Way too much transformers without proper introduction, clumsy end fight with again the desert as location. Seems a lot like a remake of the fight in the Qatar desert with Scorponok in the first movie, only 3 times longer. For me the second movie was a parody/mockery of the first one.

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