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Default Re: Good God at the hate for this film !

Originally Posted by Nuffsaid View Post
Especially in the internet. For example,

There are also Dark Knight hate threads at the Casablanca boards, Lawrence of Arabia boards, the Matrix boards, Taken, X-men Origins, even the last temptaion of Christ board.
There are two main reasons why it gets so much hate.

1. All the crazy/immature/bandwagon fanboys got on everyone's nerves with hype to where I think a lot of casual fans/moviegoers were a bit burnt out on the film before it was even released.

2. When it comes to fanboys/film geeks on the internet, anything that is getting a lot of praise and or hype will get knocked down and torn apart just so those 'haters' can think they are intelligent because they're not following the 'mindless majority'. It's a BS way of thinking you have high standards/good taste.

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