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Default Re: The New Ultimate DC RPG: Sign-Up/OOC Thread

.Screen name: Red_Robin77

.Character you wish to portray: Booster Gold (Michael Jon Carter)

.Hero, villain, or walking the line?: Hero

.Powers and physical attributes: Booster possesses a suit from the 23rd Century, that gives him enhanced strength, flight, power blasts, energy shields and the ability to travel through time.

.Origin and backstory (as you see it): Michael Jon Carter was a star runner for Metropolis University, nicknamed Booster for his speed. He was a hero to the school, winning many races between schools for them, even gaining a gold medal for one effort. However, in a vital race for the school, Carter is disqualified for a false start. He instantly loses all respect from his fellow students for being disqualified and becomes completely unpopular. After that, Carter wore his only gold medal everywhere, to keep a memory of the glory days with him. After the incident, Carter found he only had one friend, Richard Hunter, or Rip as Carter called him.

Rip believes that he's created a suit that is capable of travelling through time, called a Sentient Kinetical Environment Enabler of Time and Space (S.K.E.E.T.S for short). Rip explains to Carter that the suit will be capable of travelling through time when he retrieves one final piece that can only be found in the Metropolis Museum. He gets Carter to help him, saying he can be popular again with the suit. Relunctantly, Carter helped Rip to get the piece, which Rip fitted immediately. The computer in the suit came alive, but soon after security catch up with them and Rip is caught. With just the suit with him, Carter is told by the suit's computer to put on the suit, which activated an emergency protocol, sending Carter hurtling through time.

.The burning question - Why this character?: Booster is a character I'm very fond of and I feel like I've finally come up with an ultimate version I'm happy with.

.How will this version of your character differ from others? How will it be Ultimate?: This Booster didn't choose to travel through time, he was forced to, or would have gotten caught. He's completely lost and his goal is to try and get home and isn't focused on being a celebrity until he can fix S.K.E.E.T and get back to the 23rd Century.

.What do you believe you can bring to the RPG?: I can bring somebody eager to try something new with a character that I feel will be fun.

.Provide a sample post as the character you wish to portray, in three paragraphs or more:

I skid down the corridor of the Metropolis Musuem, Rip behind my carrying his suit as he fiddles with it.

"Hurry up!" I yell back to my friend as I try and figure out where the exit is.

"I'm nearly done!" he calls to me, trying to keep up as well as tamper with the suit.

"You can finish it when we get out of this damn place!"


I spin around to see Rip holding up his suit triumphantly and begins to speed up slightly. I can see the faint figures of the security guards catching up with us. I look at any other place to go than the corridor and spot a door to the left of us. I dive towards it and it slides open, Rip following on behind me. I look around at my new surroundings, seeing the Superman exhibit. I look back to Rip quickly as he admires his work on his hands.

"We need to get out of here."

"We can use the suit, let me just activate the onboard computer system and-



"I told you it would work!"


"We need to get-"

Before Rip can finish his sentence, the guards burst in, catching Rip by surprise and make him throw the suit in the air in surprise. I catch it as the grab hold of Rip.

"Get the suit out!"

Instinctively, I run through the exhibit hurriedly, clutching to the suit tightly.


Hesitantly, I dive off to a random door and leap into a cupboard. The door slides shut and I squirm into the suit in the tight space, before putting my jacket and medal over the top.


Before I know it, everything around me warps and I can see nothing as the cupboard disappears and all the world around me goes silent.

.Do you know how to post pictures on the Hype?: Sure do

"Stetsons are cool."

- The Eleventh Doctor

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