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Default Re: Where does most of TDK's critisism come from?

For me, the cliffhanger ending left a lot of open ended questions. The main question I have is, how does Jim Gordon try to rationalize Harvey Dent's death at the hands of Batman? Just several nights before, Dent was seen appearing on News Reports claiming how "He trusted Batman to do the right thing and save his a**". Obviously alluding to the fact that there was an alliance forged between the two men.

How then does Gordon explain away that just a few nights later, Batman murders Dent?

Do you think there might be some very serious questions asked by investigators and the media?

Mostly I am curious to see how Nolan broaches this topic in the third installment (If it is broached at all). This is a huge responsibility that Batman has entrusted Gordon with. Essentially he's telling gordon, "Ok, you tell them I killed the most popular public figure this city has ever known, and I want you to contrive a story and fabricate a motive as to why I would kill this man".

Heavy Stuff.

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